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  • About me

    Something else is possible other than the patriarchal gameworld served by modern culture and one of the ways forth is to bring together edgeworkers and empower them to deliver their non-material value in the world.


    In carrying the big picture and the Love I hold for Human Beings and Earth, I put on a magnifying glass on how the architecture and function of your inner blocks work energetically, emotionally and intellectually, opening a path in such a way that calls forth your potential, your brightness, your authenticity and your purpose into life.

  • Writings

    An impulse comes and in the midst of everything that is happening inside of you, you stop it....
    I grew up learning how to dodge dangerous places. A dangerous place was a place where I could be...
    I was an angry little girl. I remember seeing things I didn’t like or things that were unfair, or...
  • Resources

    Women Starting Over - Possibility Team

    A new Exploratory and Experimentation space opens up, Women Starting Over is a Possibility Team to go through the 600+ websites and do the website Experiments on a weekly Women's Team.



    friday, 7.30pm - 9.30pm CET - starting January 5th




    Sónia Maia Gonçalves & Sophia Wegele

    Archiarchal Women's Hub

    Women are coming together to write and share their discoveries in stepping out of patriarchy and sourcing a new culture, Archiarchy. A platform has been created on Medium to share the research with the world.



    A series of Edgeworkers Interviews on different themes.

  • Online Trainings

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    Rage Club for Spaceholders

    Sónia Gonçalves

    A part of Being Alive is to be Angry. If you are not Angry you are not holding space for whatever it is you holdspace for on Earth. Your Anger brings you clarity about your mission and your purpose. And it is through your Anger that you unfold your skills, knacks and Non-Material value.





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    Archiarchal Women's Journey

    Vera Franco & Sónia Gonçalves

    In Patriarchy women are constantly fed with manipulation and control techniques through media, corporations and governments to give up their bodies, their sensuality, their radiance, their sexuality so they belong, to be safe from harm, to be seen and heard. This makes them sexual slaves.





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    Women's Creation Team

    Julia Neumann & Sónia Gonçalves

    You’ve gone through a considerable part of your emotional healing, you’ve been through initiatory processes, you’ve started your Gremlin transformation, and now what?

    What are you doing it all for if not to create what you want? Initiation into adulthood is not designed to make you a better person. It is not about becoming a saint. It is about making enough space in yourself so that you can create what you’re here to create.

  • Services

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    An 'Emotional Healing Process' is: 'A facilitated Transformational-change experience.

    A typical Emotional Healing Process will require from 30 to 120 minutes start to finish.

    The prerequisite for successful results in Emotional Healing Process is some degree of awareness and competence with Inner Navigation skills, in other words, being able to Consciously Feel.

    Almost always a Process will involve experiencing and expressing Feelings and/or Emotions so that you enter a Liquid State (in any of your 5 Bodies) where change can happen.

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    Change your relationship to the feeling and emotion of anger and fear so you can consciously and productively use the energy and information of anger ad fear as an adult in your daily life, without being possessed or overwhelmed by it. 

    With your Anger you get clarity and can act, protect yourself and avoid creating victim-drama-stories.

    With your Fear you have access to its creative - and intelligent - energy and information, and navigate to the edges of your world and into the alive unknown field of Possibility and Invention.



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    Knacks are repressed in ordinary society, especially in school. You might want to ask yourself "why is that?".

    A knack is a unique intuitive talent that a person seems to be born with.

    You have knacks. What are you creating with them? Do you even know you have them?









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